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RPO Service Methodology

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) when an employer outsources or transfers all or part of the staffing process to an external service provider.

RPO involves the outsourcing of select recruiting function or process to an external service provider. This provider serves to provide the necessary skills, tools, technologies, and activities to serve as their client's virtual "recruiting department".

Insyst RPO Mission

To provide Best-in-Class RPO service that can seamlessly integrate our outsourced solution into our clients HR operations without introducing new complexities. This implementation of our outsourced services should maximize our client’s ability to rapidly scale and adapt, creating the flexibility and agility that effectively respond to the constantly changing environment of the Human Resources market.

Service Offerings

Enterprise-wide RPO

For all the clients who feel the need to outsource recruitment as a function entirely, we provide you with comprehensive support across the entire enterprise. We become an extension of your business, assuming full responsibility for the strategy, services and all the compliances associated with managing a critical business process.

Selective RPO
For all the clients who feel some recruitment for some functions require specialized efforts of a fixed overhead internal function or utilizing expensive agencies, we offer you customized support to meet your specific needs. Our Selective RPO solution sources talent for a broad group of skill sets, across a variety of industries. We manage the front-end processes such as candidate research, direct sourcing, internet sourcing, candidate screening and/or testing. A fluid program that will drive volumes of sourced and pre-screened candidates into your hiring process can be created.

Rent a Recruiter
For all the clients who need to meet the abrupt rises in recruitment demand with a rapid response while keeping the hiring cost low, we manage the recruitment process to meet your short-term project goals via a dedicated recruiting team assigned to the hiring project. Your dedicated team focuses on your business and culture requirements to ensure right-match talent each time. Our project based initiative is the perfect solution for generating on target candidates for clients dealing with backlog of openings due to splurges in project demand.
  • Cost savings - Saving up to 50% when compared with contingency search fees.
  • Extra resources - When your human resources departments don't have the internal resources to devote to recruiting large numbers of employees at one time. When hiring needs outpace recruiting capacity, Insyst RPO can make sense for your company.
  • Focus - Outsource the recruiting of non-critical staff while continuing to recruit for managerial and higher level staff members. This allows your company's managers and human resources staff to focus their efforts on the company's core business while also ensuring a supply of high-quality staff members for all positions.
  • Diverse candidates - An ancillary benefit of RPO is that it aids in accomplishing diversity objectives. Hire a diverse group of candidates across multiple positions. This accountability may be more difficult for companies to achieve on their own since many companies end their search after meeting the first qualified candidate for a particular job opening.
  • Low Risk - No Infrastructure cost, no space constraints, less training costs

Insyst Differentiators

  •  Access to industry best practices  - With Insyst RPO get access to metric based performance management. Get metrics like time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, quality of hire, etc.
  • Flexibility & Agility of Hiring Needs  - Insyst RPO gives you flexibility to tailor your RPO needs as best suited to your organization. You know what is right for you and Insyst RPO would tailor our RPO solution to achieve the goals and meet the needs of the client company.
  • Best Infrastructure and Talent - Insyst strives to provide training, retraining in vocabulary, accent, culture, names and recruiting certification to recruiters etc to keep them abreast with the changing needs of this industry. They also provide necessary equipments, phone lines to perform their best.
  • Dedicated Recruiters  - Extension to your existing team. Dedicatedly working for your requirements and according to your process
When is RPO not Effective
  • Cost savings are not a given. You need to analyze your situation carefully. RPO can work well when you are looking to hire for large numbers of like positions and where your company's culture and process is conducive to outsourcing. But you need to look at your actual costs and situation to make the decision.
  • Like lots of good ideas, poor implementation eliminates many of the benefits of RPO. Make sure your organization is truly ready for this change before adopting RPO.
  • If you derive benefits from using multiple recruiting firms, RPO might discourage or eliminate competition and you will lose those benefits.
  • If your company has trouble hiring people because it has a reputation as a terrible place to work, don't expect RPO to dramatically change your hiring patterns. You need to fix the root problems. On the other hand, if your company is viewed as the employer of choice and you have no trouble attracting new employees, then you might get only negligible benefits from RPO.
RPO Methodology

Ten million job candidates later, and we are a recruitment process solutions leader. With our recruitment services, our clients get the most competitive candidates in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. We use job boards, networking events, social networking websites, personal & professional contacts to look for both active and inactive talent.

Insyst uses human touch while using technology. Live interaction provides a better experience and ensures a better fit. Insyst differentiates itself by combining multi-level screening tools and interactions with multiple recruiters. We do skills assessment, behavioral assessment and background checks.


We offer you a quality experience and efficient process. Our approach includes quick and friendly access to recruiters and our client service teams. Our systems offer easy-to-use and consistent processing tools that maximize productivity for managers and candidates alike. We integrate with your applicant tracking system to manage your recruiting process effectively and provide efficient on boarding process.


Reduced turnover = thousands of dollars in savings. Insyst recognizes the organizational importance and financial impact of employee retention. Employee retention isn't an event, it is a process, one that begins early in recruitment and continues throughout the employee lifecycle. We help build customized assessment tools to measure employee satisfaction and build employee based programs to foster process development and career development. We also help design customized exit interview guidelines.

Smart solutions bring balance to the workforce. Insyst offers proactive and ongoing fact based management of your recruitment and employee process outsourcing program, resulting in increased productivity, reduced labor costs and a distinct competitive advantage. We provide Quantifiable Metrics based reports.


Insyst RPO partner facilities provide following infrastructure:
  • State-of-the-art RPO Center
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Automated Backup Procedures
  • Separate VPN as per Client needs
  • Help Desk Support
  • Separate VOIP Lines as needed
  • Video Conferencing Capabilities
  • Applicant Tracking System as per client Needs
  • Data Privacy- (follow ISO 27001 standards for security management.)
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