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Service Offerings
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Insyst’s main focus has always been excellence in IT staffing— providing the right technical resources for your projects, when and how you need them. Insyst has built a reputation with IT managers and executives for delivering resources both qualified and suitable for the job. Our recruiting methodology enables us to match skills, experience and aptitudes while ensuring a cultural fit. Insyst delivers talent across the entire spectrum of staffing and project requirements. Our scalable enterprise recruiting model and infrastructure combine to meet your just-in-time resource requirements.
With Insyst Global Reach, Insyst becomes a 1 stop shop for your Staffing Needs. Insyst can provide USA staffing services and international staffing services for UK, India, and Australia through RPO service offerings.

We can deliver:
  • a single resource
  • an individual project manager – or a project manager with a team
  • a team of consultants with your project management
Recruiting Flow Chart

Service Offerings

Contract Staffing:

Choose to get specific skills for a specific time frame at an agreed upon rate.

Permanent Hire:
Choose to get a valuable, technically qualified resource for your full time in house need.

Contract to Hire/ Right to Hire: 

Choose to get a technically qualified candidate for a specific time frame at a specific rate and have an option to hire him/her after or during the contract duration.

Vendor Management Systems:
Insyst supports a vendor neutral approach to Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) technology. We encourage clients to separate the technology selection from the supply base selection. In this way both choices are independent of one another and enable the selection process to identify and source "best-in-class" for both sides of this equation.

  • Talented, skilled and qualified professional software Consultants with wide range of skills
  • Reduction in Cost of Hiring<
  • Reduced time to hire due to in house consultant and streamlined/developed sourcing channel
  • Validated selection systems thus able to produce high quality consultant
  • Technically qualified recruiters thus able to screen the best candidates
  • Global Delivery Model
INSYST Differentiator
  • Dedicated team focused on customer satisfaction
  • Process driven methodology
  • Use quantifiable metrics for process improvement thus ensuring customer success
  • Global reach 
  • Strive for high candidate satisfaction thus enabling long term commitments on projects.
  • Dedicated Account Managers ensuring continuous Customer Care.
Staffing Service Methodology

Client Search is the first step in the process. It requires thorough understanding of the client's business and technology objectives. The relationships that our account managers build through this process are invaluable when it comes to servicing our client's needs.

Service Deployment revolves around thorough screening and qualification guidelines to assure the candidates and consultants that are presented are a superb match for each position. In this step we deliver and retain the "best in class" resources for our clients' projects.

The qualification process includes personal interviews conducted by experienced technical Resource Managers and Account Managers. Insyst staff contacts and documents at least two professional references for each candidate. Technical screening is conducted for each candidate either via formal technical testing programs or by meeting/screening by one of our technical consultants.

In addition, Insyst has deployed an internal Applicant Tracking System. This ATS provides Resource Managers and account managers full access to a robust workflow management tool to track both candidates and client requirement processes.   Do we intend to share some reports for client from ATS?

Insyst recognizes the importance of having a base of consultants that are highly qualified and on the leading edge in their technical specialty. In this regard, we provide access to educational materials, coursework and seminars for all of our associates. Whether further education is initiated by the consultant, client manager or a Insyst staff member, we make every attempt to provide the best educational program for each individual.

Continuous Care is just that. At Insyst we are committed to providing the highest level of service. We aim to establish a professional, courteous and successful partnership with all our clients and consultants.

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